15 Things Parents Do That Would Be Weird If They Didn’t Have Kids

Being a parent brings doing ridiculous things to a whole new level. Not because when you have kids these things are no longer ridiculous, it just means that it’s okay to do them now. You know, because you have kids.

The following list are things parents do all the time that are totally normal, acceptable and even expected. If you were single and had no children with you, then doing this stuff would be pretty weird:

1. Going to see Santa.

2. Going to Chuck-E-Cheese.

3. Cashing your tickets for a prize at Chuck-E-Cheese.

4. Talking to yourself.

5. Watching Caillou on a Friday night.

6. Going to bed at 9pm on a weekend. And being excited about it.

7. Smelling a baby’s butt.

8. Wearing underwear on your head.

9. Give horsey rides.

10. Taking a rectal temperature.

11. Ordering chicken nuggets at a restaurant, not eating them, and taking them all home.

12. Talking in 3rd person.

13. Looking in a diaper for poop.

14. Having a tea party with plastic cookies, four teddy bears and a stuffed bunny.

15. Repeating the same phrase in rapid succession while slowly, and gradually, increasing your pitch.

At the end of the day, some of us might even be delighted in the fact that we had an excuse to do these things again, because we know that even our kids will grow up and then we won’t be able to do them anymore.

Except smelling a baby’s butt.

I’m not sure that’s something anyone would miss.

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