15 Great Alternatives to Halloween Candy

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and we have flipped our calendars to October. That means that Halloween is right around the corner! I have never been big fan of Halloween, but, as a parent, it is hard to escape.

I certainly want my kids to have fun trick or treating, but I have three and the last thing we need is three giant pumpkins full of candy, sugar, and future trips to the dentist! In my search for alternatives to all the candy, I have found lists and lists of other things to give trick or treaters, but some of the things included are most definitely NOT o.k. with parents.

For example, whistles. Really? You plan to give children who are already excited and hopped up on sugar objects with which they can make loud, high pitched noises?!? Please, no! Another bad idea is the plastic spider rings. I get that they are cheap and easy, but the reality is that, even if my little princesses would wear them (which they will not), within an hour they will just be fodder for my vacuum cleaner. (Or, give me a heart attack when I happen across one carelessly dropped in a corner somewhere.)

To alleviate these concerns, here are 15 good, parent-approved alternatives you can hand out on Halloween that won’t have parents strategizing tricks to play on you as revenge!