10 Times We Wished We Could Go Full Madea

Madea reminds us of an exhausted mom – she says what’s on her mind, she doesn’t give a damn, and she definitely doesn’t take any attitude. So in honor of our favorite sassy badass (and since Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween is in theatres right now), enjoy these satisfying gifs for all the moments you wish you could go Madea on someone’s butt.


When someone else’s kid gets too aggressive on the playground.


When a family member is trying to be dramatic but money is still money.


When your kid complains about a present. A present they got for free.


When you find a spot right in front of the grocery store and it gets stolen away from you.


When your kids say they aren’t scared of being grounded.


When you get pulled over for speeding on the way to daycare pickup, but the cop lets you off the hook.


When you have to remind your kids for the 15th time to do their chores.


When your teenager is still asleep and it’s 7:40 on a Tuesday.


When the nurse says you don’t need a mammogram yet because you’re under 50.


When some PTA mom criticizes your parenting.


So this Hellurween, when your little trick-or-treaters act ungrateful or your house gets hit by no-good prankster teens, embrace your inner Madea. And go see Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween to get your seasonal Madea fix.