10 Products You Need When Traveling With Kids

It’s finally arrived – the vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Despite the chaos of everyday life and motherhood, you’ve made this vacation happen. And then a horrifying thought hits you squarely between the eyes: you’re going to have to travel with your kids.

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Before you stress out and cancel the whole thing, we’re here to help you. Here are 10 products to make your life easier when you’re traveling with kids.

1. Little Kid Luggage

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Instead of trying to cram all of your kid’s clothes and belongings into your already stuffed suitcase, invest in one of their own. This will keep you organized. If they’re big enough, they can easily tote it around themselves. It’ll probably make them feel cool and older than they are, which saves you a stress-induced panic attack in the airport. It’s a win-win for everyone!

2. Travel Crib


This is going to be a lifesaver. Who has time to deal with a cranky kid? NOT US. A travel crib is perfect for those long pit-stops and delayed flights.

3. Crayola Travel Tote

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A bored child is a nightmare child. Keep your kid busy and out of your hair with a traveling color pack, like this one from Crayola. They’ll be so absorbed in making what they consider “art” that they won’t have time to be annoying!

4. The Brilliant Ride-On Carry-On

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A stroller and a suitcase all in one? WE THINK YES. Whoever invented this clearly understood being a parent. When you’re rushing to make your flight, you don’t want to have to push around a stroller on top of all the luggage. This kills two birds with one stone and makes us mama’s very happy.

5. Pack n’ Go Mini Mobile

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This mini mobile is perfect for anyone traveling with a baby – it’ll keep them entertained the way the Crayola traveling kit keeps the older kids occupied.

6. Portable Diaper Changing Station

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You know what’s not a great feeling? When you’re traveling and dealing with a poopy diaper, and the bathroom at the airport or pit-stop is going so slow you feel like gouging your eyes out. Having a portable diaper station is critical! You need to be able to take care of your baby wherever you are.

7. Inflatable Bath Tub

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As if kids aren’t picky enough when it comes to food, they also decide to throw tantrums in hotel bathrooms. With an adorable, inflatable bathtub you can avoid meltdowns on trips that leave you asking yourself the questions, “Is Disney World worth this???”

8. Travel High Chair


Since it would be absolutely ridiculous to bring a giant high chair with you on a trip, this harness doubles as a portable high chair and safety strap. Now any chair can become a high chair and you can salvage some remnants of your sanity whilst traveling with kids.

9. Motion Sickness For Kids


The last thing anyone needs on a trip is a puking child. If your kid is prone to motion sickness on planes or in cars, this is definitely necessary. It even comes in a convenient travel case because the motion sickness medicine gods understand the plight of a parent.

10. Kid Neck Pillow


If your kid is uncomfortable when traveling, then everything is going to go to shit. Hand them a neck pillow that looks like a dog and you’ve basically given them a pot of gold. They’ll have no choice but to fall soundly asleep, and then you’re free to argue directions with your spouse (because let’s be honest, they always refuse to use GPS even though THEY DESPERATELY NEED IT).

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