10 Things My Girls Love About Daddy – As Told By Them

Last week, for my Tuesday Ten and in honor of Father’s Day,  I posted a list of things I learned from my dad.  However, I most certainly do not want to overlook my wonderful hubby who is a fantastic dad to our three girls.  So it may be a couple days late, but for this week’s Tuesday Ten, I enlisted the help of my girls.

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I asked them to tell me some things that makes their dad a great dad.  Here’s what they came up with:

Ten Things That Make Our Dad Great

from Rachel (10), Megan (8), & Emily (5)

1. He is silly and he makes us laugh.  But, he knows when to be serious, too. (Rachel)
2. He disciplines us when we need it, but he’s not mean.  (Rachel)
3. He is easy to talk to because he is laid back about our problems.  He helps us see which problems are big ones and which ones are not such a big deal.  (Rachel)
4. He is good at math and helps us understand it.  Science, too.  (Rachel & Megan)
5. He is really smart. (Emily)
6. He helps us when we need help. (Emily)
7. He is cuddly like a big teddy bear and I like to snuggle with him.  (Emily)
8. He is encouraging.  He encourages us to try new things and to do our best.  (Megan)
9. He is hardworking.  He works really hard so we have plenty of money for food and the other stuff we need.  (Megan)
10. He is awesome! (Megan)  (Yep!  I’d say that pretty much sums it up!)

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Happy Father’s Day!
Thanks for all you do!  We love you!

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