9 Things We Learn About Dating From Our Kids

This post is brought to you by And So It Goes, starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. Now available on Digital HD and on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There is a really big difference between dating in your teens or in college and dating when you’re all grown up and have kids of your own. But as it turns out, having kids can give you a pretty interesting perspective on dating.

Who knew kids could teach you so much? Well, And So It Goes‘ Oren Little (Michael Douglas) could probably tell you a thing or two about all that having a kid around can teach you.

Here are 9 things we can learn about dating from our kids.

1.) Persistence is important.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

2.) Don’t be shy

Want something? Go after it!

3.) Just Google it. 

Kids google just about everything new in their lives.  This may be borderline creepy, but you probably should know if you’re dating a sex offender.

4.) Don’t underestimate the power of stuffed animals.


Sometimes a day at an amusement park is just what you need to bring out the kid in you. See how Oren Little (Michael Douglas) wins the heart of Leah (Diane Keaton) in And So It Goes.

5.) It’s okay to say no.

If you’re not feeling it, no big deal! You don’t need to waste your time on someone who isn’t worth it.

6.) Be prepared to fight for what you want.

Anything (or anyone) worth having is worth fighting for!

7.) Go photo crazy.

Kids these days take about a thousand photos before choosing one to upload online. Before uploading your dating profile photo online or sending your new beau a pic, take as many as you need until you nail it.

8.) Don’t be afraid to try new things. 

Take this however you wish.

9.) Stop caring what other people think.

Want to find someone who loves you for you? Be yourself!

This post is brought to you by And So It Goes, starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. Now available on Digital HD and on DVD and Blu-Ray. And So It Goes is rated PG-13 for some sexual references and drug elements. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.a