10 Spooktacular ideas for Trunk or Treat Decorating

One of the latest big Halloween trends is Trunk or Treat, where people park their cars, decorate their trunks, and children go from vehicle to vehicle collecting treats. However, if, like me, you are not a very good DIY-er and don’t feel you have good crafting skills, the thought of decorating your trunk is a bit intimidating. So, here are 10 ideas to help!

1. Fall theme

Throw a bale of hay, a scarecrow, and a few pumpkins in the back of your pick up truck and Voila! You’re done!

2. Be Spooky!

It is for Halloween, after all. Hang some ghosts or spider webs. If you are scientific, you could even create a witch’s lair with a smoldering cauldron!

3. Argh Matey!

Kids love pirates, so how about transforming your trunk into a treasure chest?

4. Go Straight to Jail!  

Got an old baby gate? Turn your trunk into a jail cell and let the “criminal” serve his/her time passing out candy!

(via) 5. Go tailgating!

What’s you favorite football team? Set up a trunk or treating tailgate party!

6. Pick a theme, any theme!

Love music? Or, maybe you love old westerns? How about a luau?!? Decorate your trunk with some of your favorite things!

7. Bible Story
Trunk or Treat is often a church sponsored event, so bring Noah’s Ark to life or turn your trunk into a whale with Jonah sitting inside!

8. Favorite movie/TV show/Book  

Everyone has a favorite! Decorate your trunk to look like the set of your favorite movie, show, or book!

9. Make us laugh!

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, so make it silly.

10. Keep it Simple

With a quick trip to Party City or the Dollar Store, you can find plenty of Halloween signs, garlands, and decorations. Just grab a handful and have fun!