10 Facial Expressions That Describe Exactly What It’s Like To Be A Mom

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who think motherhood is a piece of cake. We’re cackling at the naivety of such a statement! If there’s anything motherhood isn’t, it’s easy. Being a mom is one of the most complicated roles a woman will ever have, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 facial expressions that describe exactly what it’s like to be a mom.

1. The “You Did Not Just Say That” Face

When your kid talks back to you and refuses to clean up their room.

2. The “Cashier Just Said My Kids Are Adorable Even Though They’re Misbehaving And Fighting With Each Other” Face

Yeah, they’re cute if they aren’t your kids!

3. The “It’s My Only Day To Sleep In And My Kids Wake Up At The Crack Of Dawn” Face

It’s like kids have an internal clock that is timed perfectly to wake us up when we’re trying to snooze.

4. The “My Kid Just Did A Total Face Plant And I Shouldn’t Laugh But It Was Actually Pretty Funny” Face

Obviously our main concern is that they aren’t hurt…but come on – it was pretty hilarious.

5. The “My Kidless Friends Are All Out Partying And I’m Cleaning A Poopy Diaper” Face

Here’s a pro tip: avoid social media in times of dealing with the woes of parenting. Seeing pictures of your friends taking shots or traveling to exotic places is probably just going to piss you off.

6. The “I Just Cleaned The Entire Kitchen And My Kid Just Spilled Cereal Everywhere” Face

Must…resist…turning…into…The Hulk…

7. The “My Partner Just Said They Needed A Night Off From The Kids” Face

We believe the phrase here is, “Absolutely not.”

8. The “How Did All Of That Come Out Of Such A Little Person?” Face

Horror movies couldn’t recreate what we witness daily.

9. The “Movie Is Sold Out But This Is Our One Date Night Without Kids So They Better Make Room In There Or Else” Face

You never want to mess with a woman and her one precious night off.

10. The “It’s Morning How Is It Already Morning Can I Go Back To Sleep” Face

The only proof of miracles there ever needs to be is a mom getting out of bed in the morning.

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