10 BIG Questions In Life

When we’re young we have no fewer questions then when do we eat and what’s happening down there?

This morphs into who do we let touch it and why won’t they leave me alone?

Eventually, we start to question the wisdom behind jumping off a cliff. The primordial urge to see how far we can push the envelope begins to tear. As we get older, we face our mortality.


It ends.

What do we leave behind? Will it have meaning? Will it matter? And then… the Big Questions.

What does it ALL MEAN? Where did it all start? Is there a God?

I have heard an answer….

There IS a God and She wants answers to all the same questions, like:

1. Why doesn’t the oven heat to a factual temperature? When I set it to 350- why does it bake like a 325 fool- fool?

2. What is the reason my husband’s shoes cannot make it back to the closet?

3. Why do we still receive Wednesday Shopper’s Flyers in the mail, that I, inevitably, throw in the recycle bin when there are starving children in Africa and I’m sure this somehow effects that?

4. Why do we have to wait a year for the next season of Downton Abby?

5. When I purchase drapes at 107 inches, why do they hang at 105?

6. Will the occasional slice of cake react to my metabolism like a tsunami on a mission to expand forever?

7. Is Donald Trump’s comb-over a personal choice?

8. Why do I hear a 1950s movie Musical on the TV, in the other room, when I KNOW that my husband only watches Alaskan Naked Idiot’s In The Woods On A Boat reality TV?

9. Why does Eddie Falco taunt me for donations to the ASPCA- daring me to ‘refuse’ least I find myself on the heavy end of concrete Minolo Blahniks.

10. And, if a bear sh*ts in the woods, does it……?

All Life affirming questions, of which, the answers, could unlock the meaning of Life.

… wait… I hear The Notebook upstairs… Ben!.. WTH????

This post was originally found on Cheryl’s blog, A Pleasant HousePhoto via.