This Poor Girl Doesn’t Look Like She’ll Make It Through Trick or Treating

Hey, who can blame her? Sometimes when you get home from a long day at preschool, you just want to plop on the couch and watch Netflix with a glass of wine. Wait. That’s how it goes, right?  READ MORE

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  • Mommytube: Sh*t Hollywood Moms Say

    We’ve got another Sh*t _____ Say videos for you all. This time it’s Sh*t Hollywood Moms Say, submitted by Flickster, Lindsay Kavet of Expressing Motherhood. You don’t have to be a Hollywood Mom to relate to this video. It&...

  • Oh, Was That Not What You Were Looking For?

    Now that’s unfortunate and messy. ...

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    What The Flicka

    Pumpkin Carving Ideas That Nobody Has Time For

    You may never have time to do something as cool as these elaborate pumpkins, but at least they’re enjoyable to look at!  READ MORE

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  • You Want Me To Do WHAT To My Kid’s Food?

    After a routine 15 month check up for our youngest, we were told she needed to gain weight before her 18 month check up. She’s always been small: small boned, shorter than my other children, skinny, light eater, and has never gained a...

  • Sometimes My Kid Says Inappropriate Things And I Laugh At Her Instead of Reprimand

    Remember that time I told you I have 5 kids? That was completely true. What I didn’t tell you is they’re amazing and crazy and they make me feel amazing, but mostly just crazy. I didn’t realize just how different kids from the same fa...

  • The Hunt
    Jody Madala

    Should Age Really Matter in a Relationship?

    I’ve been thinking about age lately especially when it comes to relationships.

    Men date younger women all the time and it’s no big deal, right? Is that because these women are fertile, can still have kids and generally look better the younger they are whereas men “age better” (though most of the guys I seem to know are all bald or balding, but let’s assume this is generally true)? READ MORE

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  • The Truth About Toddlers

    Knowledge is power. Unfortunately no one really educates you on the weird details of toddler hood. Maybe because they are so bizarre that people don’t know how to handle it. Like when Google did away with their feed reader. You hint to ta...

  • Latest Obsessions: Bath Edition

    “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” ― Sylvia Plath This week it’s all about the bath!...

  • Uncategorized
    Miranda Gargasz

    An Open Letter To My Uterus

    Dear Uterus,

    Let’s face it.  You and I have never really gotten along.  From the start you’ve been unruly, tilting the wrong way, bleeding profusely and being a literal pain in the ass.

    Each month your shenanigans cause me inordinate amounts of grief and I’ve had it.  The pain is more than I can bear, the cramps make me homicidal and the bloat–don’t even make me go there.  Not to mention the fatigue and that little stunt you pulled when I was twelve.  (Seriously.  Hemorrhaging in the middle of science class?  I’m still recovering from the embarrassment.) READ MORE

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  • Favorite Things: Stovetop Espresso Maker

    My husband asked for one of these for Christmas several years ago and it doesn’t disappoint. Now we have two stainless steel Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Makers – a 6 cup and a 10 cup size. They make excellent coffee and my husba...

  • 20 Things I Never Said Before I Had Sons

    I remember when Quai was about four and I had to sit him down and explain that he had to start wearing underwear when he was playing outside because it was making the neighbors uncomfortable. And I remember the baffled look on his little fa...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 27 Fall Activities and Crafts For Kids That Are Actually Doable
    Ashlen "the Kidspert" Sheaffer

    27 Fall Activities and Crafts For Kids That Are Actually Doable

    I love scouring Pinterest, looking at all of the beautiful, time consuming crafts and activities for kids.

    Yeah, my kids aren’t about to last 30 minutes while I continuously stir homemade play dough on the stove. I need quick, cute, fun, not too messy, easy clean up, good for kids all of ages, and things that the kids will actually enjoy. Looking for that too? READ MORE

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    Melissa Pressman

    Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Crossed into Mommyhood

    Parenthood is a unique thing. READ MORE

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  • Channel Your Inner Toddler

    As a rule, I don’t wear side ponytails. Or ponytails secured at the crown of my head. Or clothes that don’t match. Except with my niece Elle. You see, when Elle was 18-months old, she piled a bunch of hair on the top of my skull and ins...

  • Boy Gets Caught Twerking By Sister

    Today’s MommyTube features a little guy having a grand old time practicing his twerking moves. Little does he know, his sister’s been spying on him the whole time. She runs into the room to bust him, and the scene that plays out...